Senior Photo Sessions

Drive Thru Session – $69.95

With one outfit, you will view up to 15 poses to select from, choosing ONE as your “favorite”. We will retouch/enhance you image, removing all blemishes and stray hairs and whitening your teeth. Then you can get 1-8×10,2-5x7s, 8 Wallets and your Yearbook Photo for only $199.

Drive In Session – $99.95

This session allows up to 3 changes, with poses taken in the Studio in Formal and Casual poses, as well as some Outdoor poses, weather permitting! You will be viewing up to 30 images to select from on our Private Viewing Site, and in most cases be placing your order with us within the following week.

We have a TWO Pose Package for $259 – With this, you can get 1- 8×10, 2- 5×7’s, 3 – 4×6’s, 16 Wallet Photos and your Yearbook Photo. All retouched and enhanced at no additional charge!